Few Myths you need to wave OFF about SAP!

myths-and-facts-about-sap-1There is a famous quote that says, Along with “Success” comes reputation for wisdom. This implies on our very own SAP, SAP being very popular and hugely successful in many great companies – and yet there are some misconception which are going around it. Here are some most common myths that really need to be busted.

Myth: SAP is only for well funded companies.

Reality: 80% of small and medium enterprise are on SAP.

SAP has been extremely positive in developing versions of its software (like SAP All in One and Business One) to give smaller companies the ability to compete on equal terms with global giants in today’s increasingly integrated, global markets.

Myth: It takes more than year to implement.

Reality: Many project implementation has finished in just span of months.

Long implementations are common, but that is because of projects that tends to kickoff with lots of training, workshops around each process. Time consumption also takes around any costumisation and development that needs documentation.

Myth: Budget is not fixed.

Reality: In many industries, SAP comes under budget and takes less time.

By taking a standardized approach and charging for customisation and special reports upfront, it’s easy to keep within the original budget.

Myth: After Go Live, SAP functionality does not work.

Reality: Good practice makes everything easy.

SAP works if you follow best practice and process. It can create wonders for you by bringing your current operations in a standardize manner and works in smooth way.

Myth: More team members for ease of work in SAP.

Reality: Few members with high quality approach is enough.

By adopting the best-practice processes embedded in SAP, the business need supply only ad hoc resources for process verification, user acceptance testing and training.

Myth: Cannot integrate with other software.

Reality: Any third party integration can be done.

SAP can be used with the existing software or add-on any business using. Third party integration can be easily done with out affecting any business process. Moreover, you can implement different add-ons or custom modules to meet your specific needs on top of the standard modules.

Myth: Implement all modules at one go.

Reality:One at a time is always risk free approach.

Incremental implementation of SAP is easier to control – and less risky.Its always the best thins to implement core process first then all non core process like business intelligence or governance can wait until the base is set.

By following, best practice and new approach with positive mindset we can take best advantage of SAP without any myths to follow!!


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